Add or Drop Classes

Students enrolled in a monthly payment plan may enroll in 1-6 courses and may add or drop them. Additional tuition fees may be required to add classes, and no refunds are given for dropped classes after the initial thirty days of enrollment in USA/ Academics.

Students enrolled in a semester payment plan are allowed 18 weeks to complete a course and may drop the course within 14 calendar days for a full refund of that course.

Student Withdrawal Policies

Suppose, for any reason, that you find the programs and courses unsatisfactory during the first 30-days of initial enrollment (you are a new student). In that case, USA Academics will offer a full refund of all initial payments minus any non-refundable application fees. Notification must be made to the USA Academics office before the 30-day period ends and must be done by speaking with a school representative during office hours. After 30 days, no refunds will be made.

Withdrawal After 30 Days

Students may withdraw at any time. If the student is on a monthly payment plan, all future payments will be canceled, and access to the student’s courses will end on the date the next payment would have been due. If the student has paid in full for classes on a semester payment plan, no refunds will be given for tuition amounts already paid past the 30-day initial enrollment date.

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